Benefits of Groove Glove

  • Provide laser accurate tread depth report on passenger vehicle tyres and truck tyres from shoulder to shoulder
  • Provide an analysis of tyre service recommendation to extend the life of the tyres, including wheel alignment and rotation
  • Provide a braking distance difference between current tyres vs. new tyres to demonstrate the impact of stopping distance on the worn tyres
  • Provision for explanatory notes to be inserted by the tyre technician
  • Colour report can be printed or emailed to the customer
  • All scans are stored in a cloud based server

How it works

  • 1. Capture vehicle’s information by reading the licence plate
  • 2. Scan all tyres
  • 3. Download TreadTracker report providing recommendations, service needs and diagnostic notes
About Groove Glove™

The Future of Tyre and
Alignment measure is HERE!

The first-of-its-kind laser powered tyre tread depth and alignment measurement that fits in the palm of your hand! Groove Glove™ utilises the same powerful software used by the Tire Profiles – TreadSpec drive over products.

There’s nothing else like it on the market. It’s touch-screen display and integrated on-board camera make it easy to use and ensure accurate readings.


Handheld. Lightweight. Wireless

Groove Glove™ is a handheld device that operates in a very simple fashion.
The user places the Groove Glove™ on the tyre so that a top-mounted guide
indicator is past the inside edge of the tyre.

Pressing the “on” button on the top of the unit with the index finger, will turn on the
device and lasers. The user then slides the device across the tyre, while continuing
to hold the power button down, to the point where the guide indicator is past the
outside edge of the tyre. This completes the measurement for each tyre.

Key Features

  • Touch Screen

    Touch Screen

    The touch screen is used primarily for navigation from tyre to tyre. Prior to scanning a tyre, the user would select which tyre they are about to scan.

    The device has a selector for 4 or 6 tyres to allow the users to indicate how many wheels on the vehicle.

    As the user moves around the vehicle measuring the tyres they will select which tyre they are about to scan prior to scanning using the interface on the touch screen.

  • Camera


    The device comes equipped with an integrated on-board camera. This camera is used to capture licence plate photo.

    This functionality comes standard with every Groove Glove™, although the use of this functionality is optional and does not impact the output if not used.


    Motion Detection

    Groove Glove™ has a built in inertial sensor that determines the movement of the device during scanning. This allows the on-board software to determine if the user has lifted the device off the surface of the tyre. Should this happen, the user will be prompted audibly and on the screen to rescan.

TreadTracker Report

The Ultimate Selling Tool

The culmination of the laser scan and measurement is the TreadTracker Report. The TreadTracker Report is the most important component of our solution. This is your tool to educate the customer and build a customer relationship based on TRUST.

Quick Summary

  • Vehicle information such as make and model, tyre size and licence plate
  • Tyre Alignment recommendations and Rotation Indicators
  • Tyre Cross sections
  • Braking Distance projections

Pricing Options

  • Price from

    $6,600(inc GST)

    You will receive:
    • 12 month product warranty
    • Free data storage for first 2 years on the Amazon cloud server. After 2 years, its $33 (inc GST) per month for data storage cost
    • Technical support during business hours
    • Online training
    Download Order Form
  • Financed over 3 years from


    (inc GST)
    You will receive:
    • 12 month product warranty
    • Free data storage for first 2 years on the Amazon cloud server. After 2 years, its $33 (inc GST) per month for data storage cost
    • Technical support during business hours
    • Online training
    Download Order & Finance Form

Optional Accessories

  • Google cloud-enable colour printer

    This printer will enable direct print out of the scan report upon completion of the scan.

    $660 (inc GST)
  • Holster

    Groove Glove™ can be stored and housed in this holster which can be attached to the technician’s belt.

    $88 (inc GST)

What our customers say

  • Our alignment business has shot up through the roof!

    Damo Eagan SD Sherwood Ford
  • We have seen long term growth for our tire and alignment sales over the past two years and just last month we were up over $40,000 on customer pay tires versus the prior year.

    Andy Homer Schumacher European - Mercedes Benz
  • TreadSpec has made selling tires and alignments actually easier than NOT selling tires and alignments.

    Dan Warren Mercedes Benz of Miami
  • The best product to hit automotive in decades. I won the best idea contest at my 20 group.

    Steve Gordon GM Thomas Acura
  • We are growing our tire & alignment business with the Groove Glove in group of stores.

    Bob Goodell FOD Dyer Auto Group

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